Book Talk

4B will be preparing a "Book Talk", where they will have to convince their classmates why their favourite book is their favourite. The outline was given out yesterday, and students are in the beginning stages of planning an oral presentation. 

This project is due June 5th, and presentations will take place that week.

Field Trip to the Space Station

Hello 4B,

On Wednesday, May 23rd, the Grade 4 students will be visiting the planetarium to continue with their learning about the moon. Students will rotate through a number of hands-on workshops and watch an exciting play to further cement their knowledge about the solar system. We will be taking the bus at 9:30am from school and return by 1:00pm. Students must bring their lunch and water.

We are looking forward to this exciting day!

Lag B'omer

A couple photos from our morning at Queen Elizabeth Park

Phases of the Moon Quiz

Students demonstrated their understanding of the Moon Phases with the help of Oreo cookies. YUM!

Caribou Math Contest

The final Caribou Math Contest will be taking place next Wednesday, May 2nd at lunch time. All math enrichment students are expected to participate, as well as those who would like the challenge! In order to prepare, please play Sokoban (clickhere)

Science Test - Phases of the moon

NextMonday, April 30th, students will be quizzed on the phases of the moon. Not only will they need to know the correct terminology, but also the spelling and picture that matches. Students are bringing home their study sheet today.

Math Test

There will be a math test next Friday, April 20. It will be on long division with and without remainders, as well as two or three word problems related to division.